About Me

Hi I’m Wendy.  Welcome to my blog.  My love for cooking and baking started at a young age, probably about age five.  My mother was an excellent cook and baker and would always let me help her in the kitchen.  Eventually I made dinner every Sunday night for the family.

I consider myself a self-taught cook and baker as I never went to culinary school.  Every now and again I’ll take a cooking or baking class that sounds interesting, but I’ve never had formal training.

I live in northern California with my husband, Michael and our two dogs Frodo and Sam. I have two sons who are grown and living on their own.  I love to travel so you might see some of our trips and RV adventures.  Gardening and hiking are also passions of mine.

My inspiration for this blog is to share baking and cooking recipes, my travel adventures, and just “life”.  I’m not a flawless writer.  I  tend to write in the moment and just might have a grammatical or spelling error.  Please click the follow button if you’d like to keep up to date.

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