On Our Way to Normandy, France/St-Malo & Mont St-Michel


Welcome to St. Malo and Mont St. Michel!  This blog is the fourth in a series of posts looking back on our France adventures.  For most of the hotels/B & Bs, sights, and restaurants I attached a link so you can get more information.  Be sure to check out the other blogs in this series Versailles , The Loire Valley, & Brittany

On July 4th (Happy Independence Day) we left Brittany for Normandy.  Two things we wanted to do on the way were to see St-Malo and Mont St-Michel.  Since they were right on the way to our next stop in Normandy,  it worked to our benefit.


St-Malo is considered part of the Brittany region of France.  This old city is thought to be a true Breton beach resort.  It has huge ramparts which circle the small city.  Originally St-Malo was a sailor’s town dating back to the 500s.  During World War II it was occupied by Germany and almost destroyed in August, 1944 when Allies pushed into France and Hitler decided to fight to he end.

Looking out over the ramparts


Walking the Ramparts


And the cannons!


After we walked the ramparts be decided to walk in town a little bit.  I was amazed at the amount and how fresh all the seafood looked.  Giant meringue seem to be a thing in France.  I would usually see them in patisseries, and these were the largest by far.  The carousel also seemed to appear in more than one city/town we visited.


Mont St-Michel


Mont St-Michel takes your breath away. It sits on an island surrounded by a mudflat and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. From a distance it didn’t seem like too long of a walk despite the caravans of shuttle busses passing us.  I was wrong.  It was a long walk in the mid-day heat, but a beautiful one at that.

During our time here we toured the Abby and strolled along the ramparts.  Be prepared for a lot of walking…uphill.  In the end it was well worth the effort.  Many Christians make pilgrimages to the Abby just like Muslims make their hajj to Mecca.


I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures we took.  If you have any questions about the St Malo or Mont St-Michele please ask me.  Stay tuned for our next stop in Normandy where we stay in Bayeux and tour the D-Day beaches.

XOXO   Wendy

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