The Time Conscious Teacher

My husband has often pointed out to me how (as he calls it) obsessed with “time” I am.  At first I was very defensive about it, but as I sat down to really think about it I realized he was right.  I’m the first to point out when we should leave for an event.  We have to be on time you know.  Can’t be late.  I’m always wondering:  Do I have enough time?  I’m also a planning fanatic.  So yes!  I’m obsessed with time and being a teacher is the culprit of my obsession.  My day is run by the clock and bells!  Go figure


The best way to explain why I am the way I am is to list examples…teaching examples.  Here goes.

  1.  The first bell rings at 8:21.  Not 8:20, but 8:21.
  2.  School gets out at 2:47.  Not 2:45, not 2:50, but 2:47.
  3. Although school lets out at 2:47, my site time is 3:12, not 3:10, not 3:15. but 3:12.
  4.  Sometimes an announcement will be made that Mr. or Mrs. ______class was let out late so students might be 2 minutes late to their next class.  Ugh
  5. I’m always reminding students of the time to keep them on track with their daily assignments.
  6. I make a lesson plan for each day and I feel compelled to finish everything during that period.  It doesn’t always happen so it gets tacked on to the next day. I’m behind!
  7. I don’t have the luxury of leaving the classroom when I want.  I even have to schedule when I pee.  I make a mad dash between classes hoping not to be late myself!

These a some examples I’ve come up with to explain my “time obsession”.  I’m trying to be mindful of my obsession with time, but it can be difficult.  When I’m off the clock as a teacher, I will often catch myself wondering about time related ideas, things, etc.  As my husband tells me frequently…”relax”.  That would be so nice.  I am working on it though,  being mindful of my obsession with time is half the battle.



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