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As I was enjoying my Saturday morning cup of coffee and scrolling through my Facebook wall, I came across a blog post from WordPress called, “I Write Because…”    As I was reading what inspires other bloggers, it got me thinking why I write.  Why do I blog?

Off and on throughout my whole life I have taken to pen and paper.  Usually I would write about events of the day, something that was weighing on my mind, a rant etc.  In July 2016 I began my blog, My Organic Life Journey.  I wanted to share with others recipes and my views on eating healthy and organically. I would post a blog every now and again.  It was more or less a hobby since I have a full-time teaching career.  As time went on, I realized I had so much more that I wanted to share.  I found myself writing about my interests and hobbies:  travel, food, my dog Bailey, essential oils, and just random thoughts.  Over time I began to develop a small following.


Over my Winter/Christmas break from teaching, I had extra time on my hands and found myself blogging more.  I started to search through Twitter for other bloggers.  At the time I had about 160 followers.  Once I began to reach out, I found a community that poured out support and love for other bloggers.  I found that when I followed like minded bloggers, they would follow back.  I made it a point to also follow the blogs of my Twitter followers.  I am so thankful for this blogging community that has welcomed me with open arms.

Today, I try to blog at least once a week.  My Twitter and blog following is steadily increasing. This tells me that people are interested in what I have to say.  I see advice about selecting a niche to write about.  Hmm..I don’t really think I have a niche.  I like to write about a variety of topics.  Do I really need a niche?  I don’t know.  I do know that for now my blogging is a hobby.  I share what I write in hopes that people will enjoy my posts, maybe learn something new, or just connect.

Why do you blog?  I’d love to hear your story

xoxo  Wendy

15 thoughts on “Why I Write/Blog

  1. I remember being at university during 2014 when I attempted my first blog. It was a bit all over the place and not focused at all. I had anxiety, my dad had just passed away and I used it as a way to escape from that. I ended up deleting it once I’d graduated because I felt embarrassed someone I knew might read it and judge me. I tried again during 2016 when I was unemployed and had just moved in with my boyfriend but that didn’t work out either, so I deleted that blog too. It wasn’t until Christmas 2017 that something in my head really clicked. I love writing, I love food and I wanted to make a blog that worked. So, I left my job and found a much more flexible one that would give me more time to invest in my writing and my home life. I’m really enjoying this experience now and love getting to know other bloggers too, the community is great! I love your blog and it’s been great reading this post this evening x

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    1. Thank you for reading! I’m happy that you decided to get into blogging. I was apprehensive at first too, doubting myself. I tend to do that. But, I took the plunge and here I am. What I blog about is all over place. I have a lot to share. Yes! This blogging community is so very supportive. I’m glad we connected.

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  2. Such a great post and such a interesting topic, I never thought about writing a post talking about why I blog. I blog, because I love writing, I love sharing my interests and thoughts. I don’t think you need a niche, I love just writing about whatever takes me fancy x

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  3. I Love this! I do plan on writing my own blog post on why I write, but it’s mainly because I love it and it’s wha what ive always loved! I take to pen and paper too and when I started this blog it was just a hobby as well! DIDnt expect it to become such a passion! Great post! I subscribed and I can’t wait to see more!

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  4. Lovely post. You don’t need a niche, I like reading a variety of topics. I started my blog because I wanted to challenge myself to cook a larger variety of meals, to teach my children how to cook and hopefully inspire other people to cook more too.

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  5. I had a blog while I was trying to conceive. It took me a long time so became an infertility blog. It was a dark time. I lost interest when my son was born as I sort of had infertility ptsd. Now I’m wanting to change careers, do copywriting and marketing. This is a fun outlet to practice and such a lovely community.

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