Unscruz – A Mini Burning Man


So here we are at Unscruz located at the Santa Cruz County Fair Grounds.  This is us:  Wendy (aka Cupcake) and Michael (aka Papa Mike).  So much to write about.  What is Unscruz?  What’s with the top hat and furry ears?  Why the dyed beard and hair? What is Random Acts of Cupcake? Okay. Hang on for the ride.

First, what is this thing called Burning Man?  As you can see I have attached a link.  There is so much to explain.  I have often tried to talk with people about this who have preconceived ideas about what goes on at Burning Man.  Unfortunately despite my attempts, ignorance prevails.  I encourage you to visit the site and educate yourself if you’re not familiar with Burning Man.  Okay now on to Unscruz as this is what this post is about!

Here is an overview of Unscruz taken from their website.

Join us as we bring the spirit of Burning Man to Santa Cruz County through radical self expression and radical inclusion. Get ready for three fun-filled DAYS of art, performance, music, costuming, DJs, mutant vehicles and more!

This event is driven by what YOU bring to it: volunteering, performing, theme camps, etc. unSCruz is an official Burning Man Regional Event. This means we are endorsed by Burning Man, but we receive NO money from them. We are NON-commercial in every way; we abide by the 10 principles. Everyone is a volunteer; no one is paid a penny.

Unscruz is always the the first weekend in May.  We’ve been attending Unscruz for the past 5 years.  The first 2 years we went on our own as participants.  The last 3 years have been with our village, Ebb & Glow.  Random Acts of Cupcake is an interactive theme camp within the village.  This is our village set up at Unscruz.  We had everything from Fire & Ice Lounge to chill spaces and scaffolding with couches.  I’m happy to say we were the biggest and most interactive camp at Unscruz.

Radical self expression is huge.  You can be as crazy or conservative as you want.  You can dress how you choose, dye your hair etc with no judgement.  It’s just a ton of fun to be a little different with out people thinking you’re weird and it draws people in.  BTW – it’s fun to be weird!

It took at little over 3 hours to set up our structure up.  Now we’re ready for people to test their taste buds.

The object of Random Acts of Cupcake is to have a taste sensation relying on your tastebuds and most importantly….to have FUN.

Here is our description write up which appeared in the What When Where of Unscruz:

Random Acts of Cupcake is a taste bud testing sensation.  Participants will don the Googles of Mystical Enlightenment (blindfolds) and spin the Double Disks of Deliciousness (DDoD, basically spinning wheels).  One of the DDoD will have types of frosting and the other will have various toppings.  Within the gigantic 7 foot House of Cupcakes, the Queen of Cupcakes will craft a tasting cake with the frosting and topping combo that resulted from the Spinning.  The participant will jam the cupcake in their Cupcake Hole (mouth) and try and guess the correct frosting /toppings on the cupcake.  If the participant guesses correctly they will receive a pin showing they are the Connoisseur of Cupcakes.  If they lose, they get a spanking. Fun for all!  

Take a moment to look at the pictures below…they say it all.  Smiling faces and happy people are what you see.  Fun for all ages!


We had the best time doing this and met so many interesting and funny people.  Our hours were 2-5 pm (3 hours) each day and had a non-stop line until the very end.  It was a lot of work, but so very worth it.

When we weren’t serving cupcakes, we were exploring and participating.  Below is Air Pusher.  This art car is about 30 feet tall and had terrific views of the event.

Art Cars


My furry leg warmers and light up shoes

Last but certainly not least…The mini man.  Yes, “the man” did burn that last night.

Unscruz gets us in the mindset and mood for Burning Man.  Random Acts of Cupcake has not been out to the playa yet and Unscruz was the perfect warm up and test run.  If you go to Burning Man look for us in the Ebb & Glow Village.

XOXO  Wendy

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