Road Tripping – Seacliff State Beach Aptos, California

Seacliff State Beach; one of my favorite camping destinations.  We have been coming to this beachy wonder for about 12 years now.  One of the attractions to this state park is when you camp, you are a stone’s throw away from the beach.  Literally!  I was very excited when I was able to book 3 nights this past week due to a cancelation.  This park is extremely difficult to get into, unless you are obsessed with checking the reservation site non-stop like me!IMG_1085

In addition to RV camping they also have a nice day use area.  This part of the park has a snack shack, plenty of bathrooms, and a visitors center

My all time favorite thing to do at Seacliff is walk the beach.  Of course Bailey always accompanies me on these adventures since dogs are allowed on the beach.  Many times she will make friends with other dogs and play in the water.   On this trip she met another lab named “Jack Black” and of course they had to run back and forth after one of the many sticks on the beach.

Seacliff is known to have lots of driftwood wash up.  Often times kids and families will make some sort of a structure out of the wood.

Beach Scenes

Downtown Santa Cruz has beautiful, tree-lined trees with funky shops and eateries.  It definitely caters to the tourists.  One downfall is over the years I have seen an increase in the amount of homeless people and young adults who feel they are obligated to a hand out.  Very much a turn off.  At times I felt uncomfortable walking around.  In the future we will forgo the walking tour and just go to the movies if the mood hits us.  This trip we went to see Ready Player One at the Regal Cinemas.  A nice diversion for an afternoon and a drive back along Cliff Drive.

Ice Cream!  We are on a never ending hunt for good ice cream at “mom & pop” shops.  We would always pass Marianne’s Ice Cream for some reason.  This trip we decided to stop in.  What a treat.  Another winner.  I opted for Lavender and Lemon Custard, while Michael took the chocolate route with Chocolate Malt Ball, and Carmel Oreo Swirl.

Last but not least are the sunsets.  This gorgeous sunset is what you can expect every night if there is no fog.  I have an obsession with sunsets and this just takes the cake.  Such a pretty scene to end the day.


If you are a camper and have an RV, do check out this state park.  I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

XOXO  Wendy

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